My Bucket List

Just things I want to do before I die. 🙂

-Run around the block naked
-Learn how to swim
-Cook a perfect soufflé
-Rescue an injured animal
-Help an old lady with her groceries
-Go skydiving
-Ride a freight train
-Race a sports car
-Get my drivers license
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Send a message in a bottle
-Go to a warm beach
-Train for a marathon and finish the race
-Volunteer at a soup kitchen
-Be an extra in a movie
-Climb Mount Everest
-Walk the Great Wall of China
-Build a Doll House
-Give a stranger a flower
-Learn to meditate
-Read a book about Buddhism
-Study weird religions
Protest something
-Get at least 5 books signed
-Answer “The 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
-Read all of the books to 39 Clues Series
Make a wish on 11:11


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