I’m Jany. I like using the last name Honeycutt because I’m in love with that last name and it happens to be the last name of a boy I am head over heels for. I made this blog because I need some place to blow some steam off and convey the sins and sorrows to the interweb, where no one really knows who I am, so they can’t truly judge me. And I partly made this because I know that this is a secret corner of the world no one knows is here. So for the most part nobody is  going to look at what I’ve said. Which is a good thing for the most part because, like I said before, what I really need to do is jus get it out of my mouth, whether anybody is listening or not šŸ™‚

WOW. How young and naive I was. ^That was in 2013. Now I’m a little older and a little less niave (I would like to believe). Also a lot less self absorbed. No more “woe is me” 24/7. I still have problems. I struggle with my demons on the daily. But now the difference is most days I win.

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